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Common Questions

Do you create individual Music/Intro Music or Animations?

Animations = Yes
Intro Music = Yes
Animation & Intro Music/SFX = Yes
Original Music = Not at the Moment

Due to lack of time I usually don’t take on composing original music unless it is a very interesting project. If you are looking for an Intro (animation & sound design) please contact us via email.
Note: An intro/logo and animation is a highly complex process and will be charged at our usual studio rates.

I need an individual Intro?

Lino Rise Media is a professional media company. We specialize in creating the following types of media output:

  • Intro development & design
  • Intro animations in 2D and 3D
  • Intro Sound effects and music
  • Jingle compositions
  • Video and Audio Trailer & Teaser
  • Movie Trailer
  • Basic Audio and SFX design

If you are looking for an intro ( animation & sound design ) please contact us via mail.
Note: An intro/logo and animation is a highly complex process and will be charged at our usual studio rates.

Your Page is called free-intro-music but most Tracks are on Sale?

First at all, means free not free of charge. We offer Royalty-Free Products.
Most of our Tracks are on Sale, but around 10 % is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0 and therefore free by using the CC-BY.

If you cannot find any creative commons items fitting in your project, just puchase a license of your favorite item. If you go for a drink on the weekend you pay 5 bugs for a beer and you enjoy this just a few minutes. If you hold a license on one of our tracks, you can enjoy this lifelong…

Youtube send me a copyright claim notification from (AdRev) ?

Don’t panic! To remove this claim, there is a very simple and easy process. We store all our media in a database from AdRev to fight against copyright violations. If you hold a proper license or you are using the Creative Commons correctly, you will be able to remove this claim instantly. (more about the Creative Commons, in the license FAQ´s below)

Please use this Claim Removal Form to get rid of your Claim on YouTube.
Thank you for your understanding and your time.

Your Order related Questions

How long does it take to receive your confirmation Email?

Usualy it takes just a few minutes. In some rare cases it can last for about 2 days. If you concerned please check your bulk or junk mail first. If you still not receive anything please contact us! To contact us use our Help and Support Form. Thank you.

How do I receive my puchased item?

After your payment through one of our payment gateways you receive two Emails. The first Email is the payment confirmation and the second Email is to complete the order process.
In the second Email we attach your Invoice, our Terms & Conditions and you will find the download link to your purchased item(s). Please click on the provided download link
and download your item(s).

Shop related Questions

Do I need to be registed to purchase a license?

No you don´t. We offer a simple guest checkout. You select an item and a license and you pay via PayPal, Credit Card or Amazon payment. In this case, you don´t create an account on After your payment, you will receive an E-Mail. In the E-mail you will find: your invoice, our terms and conditions, a download link and a link to our licence agreement. You have to print out or save the document for your documentation.

Audio & Video License Questions

Is it allowed to create a remix of your Music/Video?

YES, you can sing over, chop, splice, compress, lengthen, and add instruments, BUT you’re never allowed to call the music/video piece yours. The copyright holder will always be “Lino Rise Media”.
You are not allowed to sell tracks or parts of the tracks to any distribution companies.
More information about our License Information  & License Agreement

What means “one end-product” in your license agreement?

The item is, what you purchase from Lino Rise Media on The end-product is what you build with that item.

Example: The item is an Intro Sound file; the end product is your finalized product (e.g. animation, image film, trailer etc.).

Creative Commons 4.0 Questions

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In chase your Question is not awnsered please use our HELP & SUPPORT form. Thank you!



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