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    Free Intro Music on YouTube


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    On my YouTube channel “LinoRiseLive” are several videos online with free intro sounds for you to embed or even to show people some examples of what they can download on my website. Most of the videos do not contain any real footage. They contain just the information you´ll need to find easily the source where you can download the music for free.

    Video examples:


    Your Free Intro Music Source

    This website is just in its early stages and will become hopefully the largest and most valuable source of free intro music in the world, if everything is going according to plan. This means I also need your help to spread the information about this unique Royalty free content of my website free-intro-music.com. Please write articles, place links or even talk to YouTube user about it.

    Looking For Intro Music Composer

    If you would like place self composed free intro music on my website as well, please let me know. We will talk about it and I will decide if there is the option to put some of your free music on this website. It will depend on the sound quality and of your personal terms and conditions.

    Royalty Free Intro Music and my Philosophy

    The time has changed in music business. With the massive impact of YouTube, Vimeo, Sevenload etc. composers need to find new ways to manage their music creations without losing a lot of money. My idea was to create a whole new section of free music which is pretty rare on the market and getting as a result of my work jobs in this sector. It is also kind of marketing, but with a lot of benefits for all user of free-intro-music.com.

    This will be a good message for all people who are searching for intro music. If you are a 3D artist or a video cutter, or just a YouTube user, you will recognize that most videos have intros. My website free-intro-music.com will give you the ability to create your own intro without the hassle to search for pieces of music and cut out a bit of a few seconds to fit into your teaser or intro. Sometimes YouTube can block your intro anyways, because you have no licence to use this attached pieces of music. That can be so annoying; because of all the hard work you putted into your clip. This won´t happen with the free music of Lino Rise!

    Now you can just download the track you like and create your animation around this music. In my opinion, this is the best way to do so.

    Here is an Intro example.

    A guy named Pedro Sanchez published an intro on Vimeo and he used the music of Lino Rise for this. He is a highly talented guy from South America and he used the music just perfect. Everything fits together and this is his amazing result.

    Do you create a finished product for us?

    Yes I do. This would be the next step in your business. If you need a fully finished intro with footage music and/or animation, I will be a competent and confident partner to get in touch with. Just read my next blog to see how it can look like to get an individual business intro for YouTube, TV, commercial etc. So do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information about the products, services or even about Lino Rise.

    yours Lino Rise

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