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One of the best things about design industry is that it changes all the time. In order to be a good designer you have to learn constantly, to monitor the latest trends, to remain curious and creative. Though there are no universal rules about how to create an impressive design, you still can use some tips, which doesn’t lose their relevance, no matter how the design industry changes. In this article, I’ve tried to pick out the most useful tips that will definitely help you to create truly astonishing designs.

  • Always Do Good Research


Research is like homework for designer: if you do it thoroughly, you are prepared well. It’s impossible to create beautiful and unique design for a certain company or brand without knowing what do they do and what impression do they want to make. Read the brief attentively, find out more about company’s history and get to know your client’s target audience: its approximate age, gender, preferences, etc.

You have to research not only before starting to design something, but also during the whole design process: this will help you to develop a really original idea and to avoid plagiarism (intentional or not). Ideas are in the air, everyone knows it, and so maybe another designer has already done one of your brightest design concepts. You have to check to know for sure.

2. Know Where To Find Inspiration For Your Design


Good and truly original ideas rarely come from nowhere: it can take a lot of time to develop something amazing and unique. But you are able to quicken this process if you know where to find your inspiration.

Many things can inspire you – for example, talks with fellow designers, interesting design and art books, web researches and even a walk in the park. You have to find out what’s especially good for you and to turn to those things when you are in need for inspiration: this will help you to come up with new ideas and original concepts much quicker.

3. Do Sketches


It is known that sketching helps to remember something better, to develop imagination and to notice even the smallest details of things surrounding us. Moreover, sketching is a quick and easy way to find out whether your idea will look good or not.

Remember: when you sketch a lot, your sketchbook becomes a valuable source of inspiration. Sometimes all you have to do is to look through it and find a concept you like, which would be suitable for your current work.

4. Know The Trends And Remember The Classics


It’s important for every designer to know the latest trends, but it’s not wise to use them in every design piece (especially if you are designing something that is going to be used for ages). To create an impressive design, you have to combine classical rules with modern tendencies and use your own imagination a lot, of course – that’s the only way to make something unique.

5. Be Creative and Inovative


You can use metaphors or combine two or three objects in one to create a truly original design. Just be sure to keep it simple: if your idea is too detailed, abstract or complicated, your target audience may have troubles understanding the message you’re trying to deliver.

6. Use Mindmaps


Design creation is all about right associations. And mindmaps are a great tool to record these associations and to establish the connection between them. Try using one of free or paid mind-mapping services or apps and you’ll see this for yourself.

7. Take Your Time


The ideas that come to your mind first, usually aren’t the brightest ones (even if you think otherwise). Usually we remember the most common images and concepts the best – and that’s why we think about them in the first place.

Remember: the more time you have to come up with a certain design concept, the better for you.

Of course, it can be hard to create designs that are truly unique and impressive, but I believe that anyone, who’s willing to learn and develop professionally, will be able to do it eventually. Just never stop learning from the best, educating yourself and polishing your skills – and one day you’ll become the person, who impresses and inspires others.

Bio: Brian Jens is a graphic designer and bloggers, currently working at logo His work is one of his biggest passions and so he’s always willing to do various researches in design field. Feel free to contact Brian if you want some of your ideas to come live on paper.

Brian Jens

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