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Music for YouTube Video Content Designer

We have the perfect music for all youtube video maker and video content designers.

  • Aurealistic – Delta Yoga

  • Paul Werner – Warfare

  • Paul Werner – Piano Optimistic

  • Lino Rise – Summerlight

  • Intro – Hello

  • Trailer Intro – Awaiting the Unstoppable

  • Electronic Intro – Tacka Tucka

  • Intro – Carefree

Royalty Free Music for YouTube Videos

If you’re a social media marketing professional, video content designer or vlogger looking for a great variety of music for your YouTube videos, you’ve come to the right place. has an excellent selection of captivating, royalty-free musical tracks to help drive viewers to your videos. We’ve got dozens of excellent tracks, from the wistful to the wild, with everything in between. If you’re new to creating YouTube or other video-sharing content, licensing our music for your YouTube channel is super easy. It’s a one-time purchase, depending on your usage, without the fuss and expense of paying royalties. Browse our library for the right piece, and you can quickly add a unique soundtrack to any video.

Video sharing is a rapidly growing element of social media, and YouTube is without a doubt the reigning champion of video sharing sites. A great YouTube video is clear, sharp and continually engaging. You’ve got to grab your audience’s interest straight out of the gate, or they’ll simply move on to something else. That means marrying the sound to the visual to ensure your audience gets the reaction you’re after.

Royalty Free Content for your Videos

With the music and digital industries developing at such a fast pace, Youtube, Vimeo and all digital composers need to find a new way of managing their creative music pieces without losing money. The original idea behind this website is rare and unique, catering to both those creating music and those in need of good quality royalty free music.

The people behind it all

The creator and owner of the website is a talented composer called Thilo, who originated this idea and turned it into reality. We have recently started multiple collaborations with numbers of skilled songsters whose music can be found in our library HERE. We also welcome musicians who are looking to stock their music on the website, if you’re looking for an opportunity to do so, don’t hesitate and send us an email and we will get in touch to discuss the opportunities.

Making the Most of Your YouTube Content

Whether you’re an experienced YouTuber or you’re just starting to put your concepts onto camera, you probably already know that a successful video must be both original and exciting. Original is self-evident – you’re making your own YouTube videos because you think you have something different to offer than what’s been done before. But exciting has various meanings depending on your content and your audience’s expectations. This is where choosing the right music for your YouTube video comes in.

Nothing facilitates your audience’s reaction as quickly as the perfect soundscape. Adding a piece of original music – even a short intro – to a YouTube video can make it stand out from millions of others. And music for YouTube videos can serve a lot of different purposes. A thumping techno track will definitely get people’s immediate attention, which is great for drawing them into a fast-paced story. But it’s also a great choice for punctuating something slower moving, transitioning scenes, or underscoring the punchline of a funny video. A quirky intro or a dramatic interlude halfway through will pique and keep the viewer’s attention throughout.

Building Your Brand

And if you’ve got a brand to market, video-sharing is a must in today’s marketplace. People are increasingly using YouTube as a search engine to look for their favorite brands, celebrities and products. People view millions of videos on YouTube every single day, so it’s worth getting your content on there, whether it’s to tell a cinematic story or for brand development. Making your own videos needn’t be a high-spec, high-tech endeavor. With a clever script and a mobile phone, it’s possible to create something that people love. And with the right musical track on top, you can take a DIY video and turn it into something that really resonates with your audience and drives a positive reaction. Luckily finding music for YouTube videos is easy on a site like You can search by track length or style to find something that matches your visuals. Or try choosing a mood to filter directly to music that will help your audience navigate the emotions of your video.

Regularly posting new videos is crucial to building a loyal audience. Any one of your videos might go viral, but you can’t rely on people stumbling across your page to discover you. You have to drive viewers to explore your content by continually producing new stuff. A terrific way of establishing a brand identity is to use the same track or a variant of it as the intro to every video or over the credits at the end. It will quickly help your regular audience quickly – almost subsciously – anticipate what’s to come or process what they’ve just seen.

If you’re interested in embedding videos onto your company’s website, consider checking out some of our more corporate tracks. This type of music provides a sort of trustworthy excitement that you want people to associate with what you do or make. Laying this music over an informational YouTube video on your homepage creates an association and continuity that you can enhance by using the same music on other YouTube videos for your company. It won’t be long before it evolves into a recognizable jingle for your customer base.

Music for Youtube Videos

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Explore the site to get a full range of what kind of music we offer for YouTube videos. And we can give you some recommendations to get you going.  If you want a soundtrack to a personal story, try Sheltered. This driving piano melody evokes someone overcoming an obstacle to get at their goal. The heavy, syncopated electronic beat on Play Land has a cool authority that would be great for an urban brand. Road to Darkness has a dark melody that builds in tension, just the right sound for teasing a mysterious story. Gritty Dubstep is exactly what it says it is – and its laid back beat and cosmopolitan chill make it perfect for an advertising video. And there are loads more for you to check out, with new music being added all the time!

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