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Our Recent Sound Logo Projects

  • Intro Ammolite I8 sec. Business Logo
  • Intro – House Mouse12 sec. Fast Business
  • Intro Hummingbird8 sec. Logo Intro
  • Electronic Intro – Tacka Tucka8 sec. Fast Logo Sound
  • Intro – Wolkenlos6 sec. Business Intro
  • Intro Nightlife20 sec. Dance Intro
  • Victory Fanfare III8 sec. Victory Fanfare

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Trailer Sound and Sound Logo for Block Buster Movies

VFX Showreel

VFX Showreel for a Block Buster Movie “London has Fallen”

Cinematic Sound Logo for Distribution Company

Cinematic Logo

Audio logo for a cinematic company logo in cinemas and on DVD.

Sound Logo for Industry Business

Product Presentation

Custom made sound design for a product presentation in the field of connections.

Sound Logo and Music for Food and Beverage

Library Sound

One of our library sounds designs used in a beautiful image clip.

Sound LogoAlternative Marketing Techniques That Truly Work


Have you heard of a sound logo? Well, the chances are that you haven’t, but the truth is that you’ve most certainly heard it, whether you realize it or not. Remember that music that was playing at the back of the McDonald’s commercial? That’s right – this is their sound logo and if you are currently singing “I’m loving it” then it’s definitely conveyed the message properly. A sound logo is just as important as your graphic one when it comes to nailing the first impression. You have to understand that branding is all about stamping your print on the subconscious of someone, and when he thinks of a certain product your brand and music immediately pops into his mind. This is what a properly developed sound logo is all about.


Why Would You Need Such a Thing?


Well, the truth is that we live in a fast-paced environment, and the old-fashioned marketing tricks are already running out of time. This is why you need to adapt and to be flexible. A sound logo is adding an additional tool in your advertisement tool kit, and it’s going to provide you with further marketing opportunities – that’s why it’s great. Furthermore, it’s going to set you apart from the crowd as the majority of your competitors are likely not to have such logos and if they do then you are already behind in comparison. As you can see, there are a lot of factors to be weighed in, and you need to thoroughly consider them all.

Where Can You Find the Best Sound Logo?


Our company can hand craft the most personalized sound logo, for your marketing campaigns. We are going to create a tune that’s distinctive and memorable and it’s going to be immediately stamped on the minds of your customers. We are going to make sure that your overall graphic representation is backed by a powerful tune that’s going to properly enhance the entire experience and to provide you with opportunities to imprint even stronger impressions in your clients.


The Importance of a Unique Sound Logo

You can easily browse our libraries in order to pick up amazing stock sound logos and you can count on us to create one which is absolutely unique, suitable, distinguished and overly perfect. This is what’s going to give you the marketing boost that you’ve been searching, and it’s going to do so in the most elegant matter.


Furthermore, you are going to spice up your endeavors by creating a powerful advertising factor that is going to become a consideration to be reckoned with.

Victory Sound Logo

Victory Jingle

Music Logos for your Victory Cermony, Radio Show or Online Game.

Free Intro Music Sound and Sound Logo

Business Logo

Music Logos for your Business, Company or Product Vidoes.

Sound Logo for Animation and Motion Design

Motion Design Logo

Music Logos for your Motion Design, Intro Animation or Cinema Projects.


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